Just got a new Leonard Cohen audience film in and it’s a new one (to me at any rate). A 2 hour film of the 1985 show at Copenhagen.  Starts a bit wobbly but quickly settles down to a very clear well lit film, focussing almost entirely on Leonard (you’d never know there was anyone else on stage). Odd heads partly obscure most of the shots, but not in an obtrusive way. Engaging film and worthy addition to a Lohen collection.  Here are the DVD cover, some stills and the track listing.  The DVD is available on my Leonard Cohen Trading List

Leonard Cohen – 9 February 1985 – Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark – Audience Film – 120m
Set One: 01. //Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye 02. Coming Back to You//  03. //Diamonds in the Mine 04. Dance Me to the End of Love Set Two: 05. Avalanche 06. Chelsea Hotel #2 07. The Stranger Song 08. Story of Isaac 09. Famous Blue Raincoat 10. Lover Lover Lover 11. Tennessee Waltz 12. Suzanne 13. Hallelujah Encores: 14. I Tried to Leave You 15. Sisters of Mercy 16. Memories 17. So Long, Marianne 18. Night Comes on 19. (band introductions) 20. Passin’ Through